June 25, 2019

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YouTube is aggressively demonetizing my videos. At this point my videos get demonetized, and their views get locked and reduced. My “likes” get removed and the videos get de-ranked. Subscribers report their subscriptions get removed, and there is no sign of change.

What am I saying that is so controversial? Will I be allowed to continue? This is the page to fight back.

Team Hotpot is currently only two people – Nathan Rich 火锅大王, and SerenaHottie, who helps me. In addition to paying for everything out of my own pocket, I do all the work. I have no backers and am totally independent.

As I am a Chief Technology Officer here in China, I don’t have much free time to do anything else. Indeed, I work all day and night nearly every day and night. Have you noticed my eyes are always black? I rarely sleep. I have been relatively successful in my life, but that’s no reason to continue to lose money by making these videos. So, if you’d like to support the effort, please do.

Many people write me asking how they can help. There are many things needed, so there is a way to help no matter who you are. If you have money, you can support financially. If you have time, you can help that way too. If you have not much of anything, you can still support the cause!

Support with Money

  • Contribute Monthly
  • Contribute monthly on SubscribeStar
  • Contribute monthly on Patreon
  • Buy ExpressVPN using this affiliate link
  • Purchase T-shirts and other merchandise from my teespring store
  • Send money one time, via BuyMeACoffee
  • Send money one time, directly via PayPal
  • Send money on Wechat. My QRs often stop working, so please try any of these. They are all the same to me.

Support without Money

  • Share my videos on all social media platforms
  • Share my videos with your friends and family
  • Get people talking about the videos
  • Make your own videos discussing similar topics
  • If you make videos that get demonetized, use this character in titles: ❌
  • If you have read my book, leave a review on Amazon
  • If you have my t-shirts, post some photos of you wearing them!
  • Go out and tell someone it’s OK to love China

Participate in Other Ways

  • I am looking for a WordPress person to make this website look pretty
  • I am looking for a T-shirt designer to help make better products
  • I am looking for a logo designer/brand designer to make a cohesive visual experience
  • I need an editor. Must be proficient in Premiere, and available full time!

Have Another Way to Help?

  • If you have another way to help, please let me know!
If you are looking for sources for the video I made debunking the New York Times' hitpiece against China, click here.