July 5, 2019


Interviews/Prominent Mentions/Articles about Nathan Rich

Associated Press interviews Nathan Rich (link)
Tencent interviews Nathan Rich (link)
Huffington Post (FR), “Elle parodie la pub Dolce & Gabbana pour montrer pourquoi elle est raciste” (link)
Rolling Stone, “Children of Scientology: Life After Growing Up in an Alleged Cult” (link)
Inquisitr, “Leah Remini Blasts Scientology Over Treatment Of Young Children” (link)
Shanghaiist, “Spoof of D&G ad stars laowai trying to eat baozi, beef noodles, and snow fungus soup with fork and knife” (archived link)
The Hollywood Reporter, “‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath’ Investigates Church’s Treatment of Children” (link)
Popculture.tv, “Leah Remini Exposes Scientology Children’s Ranch on Latest Episode of Documentary Series” (link)
Sina Interviews Nathan Rich (link)
The Underground Bunker, “Tara and Nathan — subjects of last night’s ‘Leah Remini’ — respond to Scientology’s smears” (link)
China Communist Youth League Central (ZH), “American from Bilibili exposes why America likes to hate on China” (link)
Sina (ZH), “The New York Times hated on China, but this time it was beaten by this American” (link)
China Global Television Network (CGTN) interviews Nathan Rich (link)


Global Times, “The untold truth about Xinjiang” (link)
Huawei, “A Coffee With Ren” (link)
Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, “The Ranches” (link)


Tony Ortega review of Scythe Tleppo (link)


AlonzosBlog, “Nathan Rich Responds to the Church of Scientology’s Vicious Attack Videos on Him” (link)

Guest Podcasts/Radio

IndoctriNation Podcast (link)
Surviving Scientology (link)
The Adam Carolla Show – Take a Knee (link)
Beyond Reality Radio (link)
Come Get Some Extra (link)
That Sober Guy (link)


The Adam and Dr. Drew Show (link)
CNN, “Dolce & Gabbana cancels China show amid ‘racist’ ad controversy” (link)